Sisi Castle (Unterwittelsbach, Bayern)

Sisi Castle (Unterwittelsbach, Bayern)

Sisi Castle is a moated castle located in Unterwittelsbach near Aichach in Bavaria, also called “Sisi-Schloss” by the locals or simply “the castle”. It is a former hunting lodge of the Duke Max of Bavaria and first mention of a castle dates all the way back to year 1126. However, castle from that time had different shape than castle from today.

Name of the castle today pulls its roots to Empress Elisabeth of Austria, also known as Sisi, the most beautiful woman of her time. Though it i a highly subjective matter, it is still very flattering title to have.

Through its long history the castle changed many owners and purposes. What is important for potential visitors today is that in year 1999 city of Aichach finally bought the castle and opened it to public after renovation. Now, there is a museum that changes exhibition every year, this year it’s called “Sisi – pleasure and pain of an empress. Elizabeth’s pursuit of happiness.” Or originally Sisi – Lust und Leid einer Kaiserin. Elisabeths Suche nach dem Glück. Exhibition is open from 05. 05. till 28. 08. 2018.

Below you may see few pictures from my visit last year… I wasn’t particularly happy with them because my lenses are not very good at low light, but you can see general picture. Considering the price it is definitely worth a visit, and it will probably not be very crowded.

Sisi castle
Outside view of the Sisi Castle.

Sisi castle chapel
Chapel next to the castle.

Sisi Entrance
When you come from the parking lot, you are greeted by these figures.

Sisi Castle lobby
That is one nice looking lobby.

Sisi Schloss exhibition 2017
Part of 2017. exhibition.

Sisi Castle ship model.
Too bad it’s not real deal.

Sisi Castle bench.
If you come during summer time, this is ideal place to rest.

Sisi Castle moat bridge.
Walk around the castle and the moat.

Sisi castle statue.
Statue in front.

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