I am Josip and I originally come from Croatia. I moved to Germany last year and after I found out how many old buildings Germany has I decided to start this project as a hobby. Being an amateur photographer I have decided to take pictures of old churches, castles, statues, towers and lots of other things of the past, with something modern and maybe off-topic now and then.

But, what about the goal of this site? Firstly, to show you things that are worth seeing besides the most known German building, for example castle Neuschwanstein: everyone knows about it and it really should be seen during your lifetime, but there is so much more besides that. So, hopefully, with time and more content, you will find something here that will peak your interest.

Also, despite all pictures being edited in a way, they all have enough realism in them and they should be faithful representation of things you might see, so no idealistic views that have no ties to reality.

All the photos are taken by me unless noted.

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Thanks for the visit!