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What is the goal of this site? Firstly, to show you all the little, as well as the big things that are worth seeing in Germany. Sure, you may find similar info on a million different sites, and a simple search through social media will give you tons of fantastic images. What I am trying to do here is to show you things to see in a way you will be able to experience them if you visit them. No idealism, just a tiny bit of editing to make them look a bit nicer, but still very close to what you will experience.

To show you what I mean, check this article at BoredPanda: true, not all examples are 100% correct, but at the same time some of them are even worse 😀

About me

I am Josip and I originally come from Croatia. I moved to Germany last year and after I found out how many old buildings Germany has I decided to start this project as a hobby. Being an amateur photographer I have decided to take pictures of old churches, castles, statues, towers and lots of other things of the past, with something modern and maybe off-topic now and then.

All the photos are taken by me unless noted.

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