Externsteine – A Wonder of Nature in Teutoburg Forest

Externsteine – A Wonder of Nature in Teutoburg Forest

Few places I ever visited are so mysterious as Externsteine. Simply put – this is nothing but a bunch of weird rocks. But, when you come and stand next to them you cannot contain excitement as all sorts of thoughts go through your head. Yes, they are natural rock formation, but at the same time they look like they are not natural. Tall and narrow they stand here for thousands of years, first evidence goes back to year 10700 before new era (approximately), and first written mention goes back to year 1093. That means that this place has peaked peoples’ interest long before our time and according to popularity it will continue for years to come.

No matter how this place came to be and what purpose it has served to people through ages, it remains as one of the places you need to see in your lifetime. I will definitely go see it again since I am not happy with how my pictures look like. They will still give you rough idea of what to expect.

First thing you see when you approach the rocks.


Nature around the formation is pretty as well.


I wonder who was the artist behind this?


One of the huge columns.


This hippo will welcome you on the path to the formation.
This tiny bridge looks high and believe me it is high.

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