Castle Gablingen, Bavaria

Castle Gablingen, Bavaria

This will be a short and sad post. Well, sad for everyone but the people that will actually live here one day. That’s right, this 500 year old castle (built somewhere at the beginning of the 16th century), that was owned by Fugger family up until 1889, will soon become a (probably) very expensive apartment building. I can only hope that after restoration part of the castle interior will become available to public. Until then, here are a few pictures of details you can actually see. And no, I don’t recommend a drive here, unless you are really in the area.

Right next to the castle is a Church of St. Martin, but that is also closed to the public and at the time of renovation the only part actually worth seeing.

Schloss Gablingen on 10. 06. 2018.


Church tower


Little chapel(?) next to the castle


Jesus in chains…


Jesus on the cross


One of two bells in front of the castle.


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