Schaezlerpalais, Augsburg, Bayern

Schaezlerpalais, Augsburg, Bayern

In the heart of Augsburg, in Maximilianstraße 46 you can find one small, but extremely beautiful gem that you should definitely visit. The Schaezlerpalais is a magnificent baroque palace built between 1765-1770 and today is widely regarded as the most artistically significant Rococo ball room in Germany. The palace is registered historic monument declared by the State of Bavaria.

Inside you may find southern German paintings of 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th century, baroque paintings by Karl und Magdalene Haberstock-Stiftung and also temporary exhibitions.

Baroque garden is open to the public so you can sit and enjoy the beauty, for walking around is a bit too small.

Just look at this colossal beauty.
Main Hall, this time with a bit less post-processing. In person looks much better.
Look up on the staircase.
One of two pianos inside, and the only “real” one.
Just look at the amount of details.
One of the more “simple” details.
A frame like this would not look good in my apartment.
A little play with black and white.
Doesn’t reflect the inner beauty?
A very well maintained garden.

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