Muttergotteskapelle Haunstetten

Muttergotteskapelle Haunstetten

Who says that every monument has to be something known worldwide and visited by millions of people? That certainly helps, but also that is why small, unknown things sometimes have such a charm and character… if you can only find them. And I am very glad I found this tiny, yet adorable chapel in wonderful city of Augsburg – Muttergotteskapelle. Located in Haunstetten district, you will hardly ever stumble upon it by accident and even less likely you will read somewhere about it. But, that is the purpose of this site, to show you things how they really are – no matter how small and obscure they may be.

History of the chapel as seen today goes all the way back to year 1740, though chapel of some sort was on the same place since 100 years earlier. Recently it was renovated and if you are in the area you can freely visit it and enjoy all its glory. Hidden between buildings with nice yard full of shade (very useful if you are visiting during summer), chapel serves today for wedding ceremonies. Enough talk, click on the gallery and see for yourself what a gem it really is.

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